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Pak Urdu Media Digest -Nov 1

Posted On November 1, 2011

Labourers are at logger heads with the Chinese managers at Neelam Jhelum Project, says Ausaf. Work has stopped after the Chinese officials used unacceptable words, and the police have failed to resolve the standoff. Neelam Jhelum project is also hit by a major scam in contracts, says a report. Imran Khan has emerged as the toast of Pakistan after his much hyped Lahore rally but a report attributed to unnamed political observers in Awami Awaz says his growth is a result of interest taken by ‘undemocratic’ forces in the former playboy cricketer.

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1. Labourers at Neelam Jhelum project stopped work and protested over the use of unacceptable words by Chinese officials. Thus far, police and labour officials have failed to make a compromise.  The labourers are also upset at the low wages paid by the Chinese. (Ausaf, 31 October)

1. Taliban has claimed that it has shot down a NATO helicopter in Kunar and killed 58 Allied forces in attacks in Gereshk, Marjah district, Kunduz, Kabul, Sarobi, Nad Ali, Zabi, Ghazni, Baghlan, Kandahar and Laghman. The Taliban has started to target goods vehicles of the Allied forces and in last two weeks many vehicles have been torched due to which NATO’s supply has been badly affected.  (Al Qalam Weekly, 28 October-3 November)

1. Criticising PM Gilani’s support to Indian representative Kamlesh Sharma for the Secretary General’s post at the Commonwealth, Nawa-i-Waqt warns the government over increasing closeness. It says India is the eternal enemy of Pakistan and it wants to be dominant in the region. (Nawa-i-Waqt Edit)


1. American forces have reduced their army camps in Afghanistan from 505 to 20 and apparatus have been removed from 485 camps as they fear attacks by the Taliban. (Al Qalam Weekly, 28 October-3 November)

2. Khabrain edit is on the discussion between PM Gilani and his Australian counterpart about Pakistan’s problems including terrorism, extremism and poverty. Pakistan should disclose to the international community, especially the US, the full extent of its problems as a result of the war on terror. It further suggests that elements that are causing harm to national security should be dealt with an iron hand. (Khabrain Edit)

3. Ausaf makes a fervent plea to the military and civilian leadership to be united to thwart the American designs on Afghanistan and to overcome pressure for operation in Waziristan. “Once again the Americans will accuse Pakistan for the recent attacks on the US troops in Kabul, and under the pretext of increased attacks on NATO and American forces in Afghanistan, pressure will be mounted to conduct operations in North Waziristan and Balochistan’, it cautions. (Ausaf Edit, 31 October)


1. According to sources, a pact was signed between Pakistan and Brazil for advanced medium range anti-radiation missiles, which have the capability of targeting from the height of 33,000 feet. This missile can reportedly target every kind of radar, naval ship, and marine, missile and gun-boats. This missile would be installed on JF-17. Pakistani pilots have reportedly completed the training to operate these missiles; first transaction has been done while another 100 missiles will be sent before March of the upcoming year. (Khabrain)

1. MQM terrorists Saulat Mirza, Saleem Shehzad, and Ajmal Pahari have been provided mobile phones and laptops in the Central Jail. Saulat Mirza had warned jail authorities of dire consequences if these facilities were not restored and that MQM terrorists have been kept in one barrack and jail authorities have not installed signal jammers. (Ummat)

2. On Wednesday, a bill will be presented in cabinet against the transport and preparation of biological and chemical weapons. According to bill the guilty will be charged 1 crore rupees and awarded the death penalty. The Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani will present the bill to the cabinet. (Nawa-i-Waqt)

3. In the current week 1155 people benefited from free medical camps and mobile units run by Al-Rahmat Trust in the flood affected areas. (Al Qalam Weekly, 28 October-3 November)

1. Unnamed political observers in Sindh were concerned that Imran Khan was being groomed and believed that his Lahore rally was the work of undemocratic forces. These experts also see recent sealing of the Pak-Afghan border as a message to America that Pakistan will extend conditional support to America and that condition would be that Imran Khan be supported. The report also states that Imran Khan will visit China. The experts say all these things point to the fact that Imran Khan is being groomed by the very forces who want to see current government out of power before the senate polls scheduled for March 2012. (Awami Awaz, 31 October)

2. Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro, JUI Senator and Secretary General of the Sindh Unit, said he saw a ‘third’ force behind the support given to Imran Khan. (Ibrat)

3. Talat Hussain said in a TV interview that the support being extended to Imran Khan and MQM would hurt Zardari’s interests. Farooq Tariq, a critic from Lahore, stated that MQM would take some compensation from PPP for MQM’s rally in support of Zardari. (Awami Awaz, 31 October)

4. Zarar Pirzada writes in his column that Imran Khan was ahead in the race to be a new leader followed by Bilawal Bhutto. He writes that Imran Khan had the right ideology and was in comfortable and commanding position now. (Awami Awaz)

5. Mohammad Isa Bhutto questions whether polls are even possible in the current political and economic climate. (Awami Awaz)

6. Nazir Naji in Jang says PTI Chief Imran Khan had collected a fantastic crowd for his rally in Lahore and opines that the crowd power should not intimidate others; instead they should understand what people are expecting. (Jang)

7. Daily Intekhab is disappointed with Imran Khan’s rally despite its success and size. It says he spoke mainly about corruption and women’s rights but gave no proper idea to get rid of tyranny and the capitalist system as if he had no intention to bring any basic or genuine change to the system. (Daily Intekhab Edit)

8. Editorials in Ummat and Jang said: Senate elections would be held in March 2012 and all political parties were busy in their homework. Imran Khan emerged the most successful leader in proving his ‘street power’ with his Lahore rally. Street power has never been a deciding factor in elections and therefore it could be too early to see PTI in power. PPP leadership is satisfied and happy that the division of votes between PML-N, PTI and JI could be the winning factor for PPP. (Ummat Edit, Jang Edit)

9. Ibrat opines that Imran Khan’s rally was an impressive show. It states that he also gave the message of being moderate in his ideology as evident from songs sung by singers on the stage on the day of the rally. (Ibrat Edit)

10. Ausaf notes some MPs have presented themselves as ordinary people without property in their current assets declaration and states that it is almost impossible that MPs are poor. (Ausaf Edit, 31 October)

11. Jasarat terms current rallies as political Tsunami and states that people are disappointed since political parties have not proposed any concrete strategy. (Jasarat Edit)

12. Nawa-i-Waqt cautions that political leaders against mudslinging at each other saying such actions will not serve Pakistan. (Nawa-i-Waqt Edit)


1. Neelam Jhelum Hydel power project is hit by multi-billion rupee scandal, according to sources, who said that PM Gilani is taking a serious view since the scam will delay the project. Work contracts related to Neelam Jhelum projects were given to favoured people without issuing international tenders; machinery worth USD 30 million was given to contractors. Rupees 20 crore were given to contractors in the name of floods which was illegal. (Nawa-i-Waqt)

2. While talking to a delegation of Mangla Dam affected families, former Premier of AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry said that problems they faced should be solved on a priority basis. He added that the Mangla Dam would aid irrigation in Punjab and stabilize Pakistan. He added that Kashmiris want a strong Pakistan. (Daily Dharti)

1. New IG Sindh has cancelled promotions given during the period of his predecessor, Wajid Ali Durrani. The action was based on the allegation that the promotions went to relatives of MPs and MLAs. (Jasarat)

1. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has reported that according to records 14,000 Balochis have gone missing. Of them, 300 were found dead on the streets. The group demanded that the Supreme Court instruct the Administration to recover all missing people before they are killed. (Daily Intekhab)

2. Two groups of the Bugti tribe have reportedly clashed in Dera AIlah Yar. Four people were killed including the Chief of government-backed tribal Aman Force. (Nawa-i-Waqt)

1. A delegation of MPs of the Labour Party (UK) will soon tour AJK and this was arranged by eminent businessman Chaudhary Shahnawaz Shani. (Ausaf, 31 October)

2. PM AJK Abdul Majid assured investors and people working in public welfare who met him at the residence of chairman of Bostan Health Care Trust (UK) and former MLA Raja Munshi Khan at Nottingham that they will be provided effective security and all help in line with the privatization policy related to mega projects in AJK. (Ausaf, 31 October)

3. Daily Dharti criticised that patients in Muzaffarabad are facing problems even as young doctors at the Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Muzaffarabad are observing strike to press their demands. (Daily Dharti Edit)


1. Gilgit Baltistan Scouts Commander has said that GB security forces are with the Pakistan Army and would fulfil the expectations of the people. (Baad-e-Shimal)

2. Aslam Inquilabi leader of Balawaristan Students Organization said that unemployment had increased in Gilgit Baltistan. He said youths having Masters Degrees have no option but to join the army or police force. (Ausaf, 31 October)

3. Baad-e-Shimal editorial to mark the 64th Independence Day of Gilgit Baltistan on 1st November laments that today that sectarian differences has spoiled the beauty and harmony of the region and  . (Baad-e-Shimal Edit)


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